The Art of Awareness

Yoga stills the movements of the mind, and it is in this stillness that awareness begins to observe itself. When thoughts disturb the lake of the mind, the ripples move across the surface of the awareness in circles spiraling outward, obscuring it's view. Through the practice of yoga, we learn to manually turn off the thoughts, settle the ripples, therein the surface of awareness becomes smooth and clear as glass. 

Peering into the glassy lake, awareness sees her own reflection. This is the meaning and purpose of yoga. For you to observe your true self. Not the self of thought, or of ego, or of identity, the self of awareness, the self of spirit, the universal self. The self reflected back in a shining clear glass lake. The truth, the light. It's shining through each of us. 

The task is not to find the light in yourself, not to search or to seek. The task is to uncover, to remove the walls and habits and thoughts and fears that block the light. The truth hidden by formless shadows. Yoga removes these walls, habits, thoughts and fears one by one. In removal of these objects, we must also face these things, which can be uncomfortable. But once removed, all discomfort dissolves away. 

Truth is freedom. Freedom is discovering who you really are. When you see your reflection and you realize your own nature, the sky will open up to you and tell you all her secrets. You'll dance in harmony with the rhythms and beings of earth. You'll remember you are formless, timeless, limitless, that you are made of love and made to love.